Lighthouse Excitement 1906

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On Thursday April 5, 1906, the Anacortes American published an article about the new lighthouse and introducing the first team of keepers — Captain James Hermann and his assistant Edward Pfaff. The reporter’s excitement is palpable — there is much discussion of Captain Hermann’s landscaping prowess and using the light station grounds as a picnic destination. It’s funny to read since we pretty much have the same goals and the same need for landscaping skills!

Here’s the full text of the article:

Lighthouse in Commission. Everything in Good Shape Says Captain J. B. Hermann Keeper.

The light at the Burrows Island light house was put in place and entered commission on April 1st, and Captain J. B. Hermann, keeper, and his assistant, Mr. Edward Pfaff, speak highly of the contractor who put up the buildings and of the engineer-corps, who placed the engines, which are working perfectly. The present light is a stationary one, but in six months the present lenses are to be removed and a revolving light is to be placed in their stead, carrying a red and white light of greater penetration. Captain Hermann is very much pleased with his location and it is safe to say that he will not be there long until that part of Burrows island will be a flower garden, for the captain loves the beautiful and along with his ability as a thorough light house man, he is no mean landscape gardener. Captain Hermann expects his family within two or three weeks. The Columbine has been tending the light house since the arrival of the keeper, whether or not it will continue in that capacity is not known.

The Burrows island light house is of much importance to navigation in this part of the Sound, it has been the cry of navigators for years, and now that we have it, and have been so fortunate as to secure Mr. Hermann as keeper and Mr. Pfaff as his assistant, we should endeavor in every way to make life pleasant for them. Mr. Hermann will go to work at once to beautify the grounds about the mansion and light house and it will not be long until Burrows island will be an attractive place for excursions and picnics.

It is understood the Pacific Wireless Telegraph Co. will in the near future establish a station on the island providing the government will give consent, which there is but little doubt but it will do, and if there is a possibility of getting telephone communications with the island that will also be done. The light house is a success in every way.

Many thanks to the Anacortes History Museum for providing scans of the originals, and to John, a fellow NW Schooner Society researcher, for passing on this clip.

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