Roses at the Island

This time of year, Burrows Island is aglow with delicate, native Nootka roses. Soft pink blossoms stud the low bushes and if you lean in, you’re rewarded with an absolutely heavenly scent.

As I enjoyed the fragrance of the rosa nutkana last weekend, I imagined the earliest light keeper, an avid gardener, experiencing the same delight during his first rose-filled summer on Burrows Island.

The Way It Was Then

The Way It Was Then

D’Wanda White was a young wife and mother living at the lighthouse in the 1960s. In this short interview segment, D’Wanda shared some memories about life at Burrows Island. Take a peek!

The Northwest Schooner Society is working hard to put the light station back into the condition D’Wanda knew. Help us make that a reality by donating or volunteering.